Re-Elect Eli

Re-elect Eli Ridder for IGNITE’s Board of Directors.

Proven Leadership

My name is Eli Ridder and I am running to be re-elected to IGNITE’s Board of Directors.

For the past 8 months, I’ve had the pleasure serving you as a director for North Campus and as chair of the board.

$250,000 for international students in need. Black Excellence Scholarship. Joining the College Student Alliance. Optional events fee for 2021.

These are all ideas I initiated or supported during my current term so for. You can read more here.

I want to continue this great work we started by serving another year as your director, putting students first.

What’s my platform this year? Check it out.

Continued Financial Support for Students

As your director, I will continue to support creating funds to help students and thinking of new ways to make sure we put students first with all of our resources.

More on this here.

Improved Transparency and Engagement

As your director, I will continue to support opening the doors at all levels and engaging students where they’re at, pushing IGNITE to the next level.

More on this here.

Advocacy at All Levels

As your director, I will continue advocacy at the campus level in terms of tuition, fees and academics while supporting IGNITE’s new steps onto the provincial stage.

More on this here.

Like what you see?

Vote for me starting March 1.

Want to know more? Reach out to me at @ReElectEli or shoot me an email at