Proven Leadership.

This year, our board accomplished so much on behalf of students.

Vote for me again and I will continue to put students first.

I can continue being a strong voice for advocacy, transparency and clarity on the board of directors. 

$250,000 for the International Students’ Fund. The Black Excellence Scholarship. Executive Summaries. 

All of these were initiatives I helped to initiate or supported this year so far. But there is still more to do to support students financially and beyond.

As chair, I was worked with the vice chair to lead our team of nine directors. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Eli stood up for transparency at the board at all of our meetings.

– John Smith, Lakeshore Director

Eli supported my effort to push for a bar on campus and was steadfast in finding solutions.

– Nick Smith, Guelph-Humber Director

As chair, Eli was capable at organizing meetings and making sure we had fruitful discussions.

– Jane Doe, North Director

There was always a sense we were working towards great initiatives. This was due to Eli’s sense of leadership.

– Josh Doe, Lakeshore Director

  • Continued Financial Support for Students


  • Transparency